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Feel the Love: A Valentine's pre-fix workshop (ooohhh yeeaahh) at Machine Project

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Machine Project lovingly presents a Valentine's Evening workshop of intimate explorations, hosted by RoutesAndMethods and Adam Overton.  This workshop is aimed at everyone - singles, couples, triples, tour
groups, whatever you got. We’ll be looking at the heart from a wide variety of angles - from the
mechanical (rib cracking!) to the spiritual and the social. The Heart Chakra may or may not be mentioned.

And there will be food.

Lovers, friends and strangers are invited to touch, taste, look, listen, move and love their way to a more satisfying Valentine’s Day this year through an assortment of carefully-crafted experiences and experiments presented by a
panel of guest presenters.

Please RSVP soon, as space is limited
$15 registration fee includes food and drink

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Workshop Itinerary:

Our Valentine's Evening workshop will include:

- meditations on the heart by yogini, occupational therapist and choreographer Camille Dieterle

- a touch and energetics primer (and performance) led by massage therapist and
composer Adam Overton

- a rib-cracking CPR class for the broken-hearted, as well as a four-course dinner,
with EMT, food-enthusiast and artist Michael Parker

- experiments in initimate movement with choreographer Hana van der Kolk

- investigations with the alien voice of an intimate gaze led by lover and anti-war-ior Marc Herbst

- a living soundtrack of duets for the evening, Our Breath Concrete, by yogi and
new media artist Qusai Kathawala

- a closing conversation with healer and artist Sarah Cole


February 14 @ Machine Project

Valentine's Feel the Love 2008
...currently planning for a second round...
......our presenters are finalizing...
.........and our special guest is heartless!

Valentine's Feel the Love 2007
...announcement for the Pre-Fix